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If you’re interested in adopting one of our rescue dogs you can submit an adoption application to Marshall’s Dog Rescue.

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Why Foster?

The best for your pet!

Foster volunteers are made up of animal lovers who are aware of the devastating and growing problem of animal overpopulation and the inhumane treatment of animals. Foster homes are always urgently needed. Lives can’t be saved without them. Fostering an animal isn’t a lifetime commitment; it’s a commitment to saving a life!

All you need to provide is a place for the animal to go, and love – we’ll supply the rest. What you get back is immeasurable, unconditional love & joy from saving a life.

  • You increase that animal’s chance of being adopted.
  • You’re saving an animals life.
  • You help the rescue learn about the dog’s personality.

Interested in Adopting?

A positive adoption experience can change the world for both you and an animal in need!

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About Us

Mission Statement

Marshall’s Dog Rescue: is a charitable organization dedicated to saving dogs from abandonment. We treat each dog we rescue as an extension of our own family.

Although we rescue dogs of all sizes, ages and condition, Marshall’s Dog Rescue was created especially to help fill a need in the local rescue world, for shelter dogs whose time is up. Whether for population control, or health issues. We believe every dog deserves a chance at finding a forever home.

  • We work with the community to advocate for responsible pet ownership in Ontario.
  • We believe there is a home for every rescue pet and enough love to save every life!
  • We’ve made it our mission to put homeless pets into the hearts and minds of people.

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